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RedConnect is state-of-the art software built specifically for the Blood Bank community.  This all-new software solution is built to simplify donor management and to serve as a recruitment solution. Now your organization easily can automate and simplify the recruitment and retention of blood donors.  Some of the features include :


  • Dynamic email and text communication including automated messaging triggered by need or by donation date
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Wellness tracking – blood pressure, pulse, hemoglobin level
  • Donor recognition – including a point management system and donor store
  • Chairperson tools
  • Tele-recruitment module


Redconnect CRM

Why Redconnect CRM?


  • Easy appointment setting with recommended donation types
  • Text reminders, share on social media
  • Donor have easy access to wellness data (can share with their doctor)
  • Wellness, blood donor information and research opportunities all in one portal

Inventory Management

Inventory Management?

Blood Centers

  • Visibility into hospital inventory for optimum ordering (dashboard)
  • Automatically suggest order points based on inventory
  • Change messaging and suggest donation types based on inventory levels


  • A steady blood supply
  • Real time data on supply through inventory dashboard
  • Access to usage and inventory reports

Research Management

Why Research Management?


  • Access to engaged research participants willing to share data
  • Long-term engagement ensures continued data collections (donors remain engaged through regular communication, blood donations and wellness)
  • Ability to communicate securely including compliant electronic signature for consents